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Project GLAD

Highline's Training Mode is based on the research of Joyce and Showers. Below is an example of a GLAD Training timeline for Second Year Teachers:

2-Day Overview

Participants will learn the theoretical and research base of the model, engage in dialogue around current pedagogy and learn strategies that promote academic discourse and literacy success for all students.

4-day Demo

Observation of a demonstration lesson with simultaneous coaching followed by feedback and collaboration among trainees.

Follow-up and Coaching

ELL Specialists and Teacher Advancement Specialists assist teachers in the implementation and development of GLAD strategies.

Why GLAD in Highline?

Changing demographics mean that ELL students are in every classroom.  All teachers are responsible for delivering sheltered instruction to ELL students in order to ensure their access to core content and develop language.

Project GLAD describes concrete strategies that enable teachers to provide integrated instruction based on Common Core Standards and accessible to all learners. 

Project GLAD provides teachers a method of differentiating instruction.  GLAD strategies exemplify many of Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching instructional components.

Project GLAD training leads to all learners having equal access to content and academic language as described by Highline’s Equity Policy.  

Why Include GLAD in the Highline’s Induction plan?

Second year teachers in Highline are part of a three year induction plan. Currently the focus is classroom management for first year and Professional Certification preparation for the third year. Project GLAD training and support is the preferred plan for second year.

Fidelity of implementation is increased because of coaching support from mentor team.

Additional after school professional development focuses on implementation and support of GLAD strategies for the entire second year.