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Course Offerings

Highline Professional Development

We are developing course offerings that align with FCS. All courses can be found on the Highline PD Calendar. Courses are updated and added weekly. Please use the calendar to find and register for courses. 

Courses will primarily be offered during work hours. Some courses may be offered for extra pay outside of contract time. 

It is the paraeducator’s responsibility to keep track of their completed courses and to sign up for courses that match the requirements outlined in the FCS. 

Use the FCS Tracking Form to plan and track your progress. This form is for your own use; you do not have to turn it in. 

Use the Employee Online Instructions to view your Para Educator Certificate progress. 

Clock Hour Tips

When you arrive to a course, there will be a Paraeducator Clock Hours sign-in sheet. OSPI requires your signature and initials on the sign-in sheet as proof of attendance. You may not receive hours if you do not sign in for each course. 

You will also receive a Paraeducator Clock Hour Form. Complete Section 1 and Section 3 of the form. Please keep the form for your records. You will need it later to verify completion of the Paraeducator Certification program. 

Online Courses

Some of 14 course hours required this year may be completed through an online course. These courses must be taken during work time. There are no extra service contract hours available for online courses. 

See a list of available online courses.

Open Online FCS Alignment Document (updated December 2020) to see which online courses align with the FCS.

See this Online Course Aid with step by step instructions.

After completing an online course, print the appropriate Online Course Clock Hour Form from below, complete Section 1 and Section 3, and have your building/department administrator sign Section 4. Please keep the form for your records. You will need it later to verify completion of the Paraeducator Certification program.

FCS 01 - Embracing Culture and Diversity 
FCS 02 - Strengthening Instruction 
FCS 02 - Social Emotional Learning (New)
FCS 03 - Using Technology Well 
FCS 04 - Working Effectively with Data 
FCS 05 - Understanding Your Responsibilities 
FCS 06 - Increasing Equity
FCS 07 - Creating Positive and Equitable Learning Environments

FCS 07 - Social Emotional Learning (New)
FCS 08 - Supporting Child Development 
FCS 09 - Promoting Health Safety & Well Being 
FCS 10 - Deepening Your Professionalism 
FCS 11 - Mastering Communication Basics 
FCS 12 - Solving Communication Challenges

School-Based Professional Development 

Principals can provide school-based professional development for their paraeducators to earn clock hours. Follow these steps to submit a professional development proposal:

  1. Review the FCS Course Outline and align the professional development with one of the 12 courses. 

  2. Create a new session on the Highline PD Calendar

  3. Wait for approval from the Professional Development department.

If you want to offer multiple FCS courses in one professional development training, please create a separate session on the PD Calendar for each FCS course. 

Professional development proposals must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Approval can take up to 2-3 weeks.


If you have questions about the Paraeducator Certification Program or need support, please send us an email.