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Affinity Groups

Affinity Group: /əˈfinədē ˌɡro͞op/ a group of people linked by a common interest or acting together for a common or shared purpose.

History of Affinity Groups in Highline

We acknowledge that there is a burden of calling for equity, that has historically been borne by those most marginalized in our system. This burden requires that those most impacted are often those at the front of organizing solutions and change. It also requires that this work often happens, after hours, in co-opted spaces and fellowship.

It is hard to see the system does not work, when it works for you.

Our Charge

Because we:

  • Acknowledge that the education system has historically marginalized whole communities of learners and families; and 
  • Believe that all students, staff, parents, and community members have a vested interest in and should work together to correct system inequities; and 
  • Recognize that eliminating racism, racial inequities, and institutional bias will increase achievement and graduation rates for all students; and 
  • Commit to disrupt institutional biases and end inequitable practices.

We believe in the power of affinity groups to address isolation and encourage our shared responsibility to dismantle inequities in our teams, in our schools, and our system.

Therefore, we will pilot  a program to sponsor staff-led, identity-based affinity groups, focused on disrupting institutional biases and ending inequitable practices in Highline. This program will create inclusive spaces, where staff can be pushed and challenged in our understanding and commitment to equity.

Establish an Affinity Group

We believe that this important work must be led by us, for us. As a community of learner leaders we can and should be empowered to lead our own learning. Are you inspired to host a group?

The Affinity Group Model 

The foundation is that these are identity-based* groups, organized to advance equity in Highline.

These groups will be spaces for employees to share their individual and unique experiences of identity, race and culture. These groups will become an additional space for employees to grow and learn from and with each other. 

*Identity is complex and intersectional. Each identity is a layer that shapes how we understand the world, and each other -- and how the world understands us. One person’s layers are not better or worse than anyone else’s, but the differences are our diversity.