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Reviewed Digital Tools

We have a process and criteria to evaluate digital tools. Before using a digital tool with students or families, please review this list of reviewed tools. If it is not on the list, please submit the tool for review. NOTE: Use Internet Explorer to fill out the form.

Tool Categories

Approved Digital Tools

Approved Digital Tools are tools Highline has purchased for use equitably across the district. These tools are necessary for ensuring our students have access to high-quality resources and graduate with the problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary to live and work responsibly in a digital world.  Approved Digital Tools meet state and district requirements for data security and archival. They are are in alignment with Highline’s Acceptable Use Policy and Equity Policy. The tools  also align with our instructional framework outlined by the Teaching Learning & Leadership Department.

Conditional Digital Tools

Conditional Digital Tools are vetted and approved for use with Highline students and may require certain qualifying requirements for use (e.g. may be used only if parental opt-out is offered).

Digital Tools Under Review

Digital Tools Under Review have been submitted by Highline staff for review by the committee but have not yet been reviewed.

Denied Digital Tools

Digital tools that do not meet Highline’s standards for use with students and families. 

  • The digital tool does not meet archiving standards.
  • The digital tool does not meet data privacy standards (FERPA, COPPA etc).
  • The digital tool does not align with our instructional frameworks.
  • The digital tool does not meet the requirements outlined in HPS’s equity policy.
  • The digital tool does not meet accessibility standards for people with disabilities.
  • We already have an approved digital tool that fulfills the same purpose.