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Digital Tool Review Committee

We have a process and criteria to evaluate digital tools. The Digital Tool Review process exists to offer guidance around the selection of digital tools that are safe to use with students and align with Highline's strategic plan goals and foundations. 

Before using a digital tool with students or families, please review the criteria and the list of reviewed tools. If it is not on the list, please submit the tool for review by the committee.


Please consider these questions when determining whether or not you should submit a digital tool for review:

  • Does the digital tool involve communication with students or families?
  • Is there an already approved tool that serves the same purpose?
  • Do you have to share student identifiable information to set up student accounts? (includes those that use Google single-sign on)
  • Do you intend for this to be used in multiple schools or for a district adoption including pilots?
  • Will it require HPS funds?
  • Is the intended purpose delivery of instructional content?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, please submit the tool for review.

Not all digital tools meet our standards.

Here are some reasons why tools do not meet our standards:

  • Do not comply with state and federal regulations for public agencies
  • Compromise the confidentiality of student data
  • Require significant staff support
  • Do not meet Highline guidelines for standards-based instruction

See Digital Tool Review Matrix for more information.

Digital Tool Review Committee

Digital tools are reviewed by the Digital Tool Review Committee, comprised of members from TLL, Technology Services and Communications. The committee provides a timely review. If the digital tool is not approved, the committee provides recommendations for alternatives that may meet your needs.

The committee's goal is to make sure teachers and students have access to the digital tools that support their work and that also meet our obligation to comply with state and federal law and best practices as stated in our Acceptable Use Policy and Equity Policy. The committee also reviews tools using the Equity Tool.