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Equity Tool

Tool Overview

We want to make it easier to keep equity at the forefront of decisions made districtwide. That's why we are developing an Equity Tool that schools, departments, teams, and individuals can use while making decisions. We rolled out a draft version of the tool at the Equity Symposium. Now, we are rolling it out districtwide. 


By utilizing this equity tool, we aim to provide a common vocabulary and protocol for evaluating policies, programs, practices and decisions for racial equity. We also aim to produce policies, programs and decisions which result in a more equitable outcome. 

In Draft

The tool is still in draft form. We encourage you to use the tool and give us feedback by filling out the form below. We will collect feedback until December 21, the last day before winter break. Our goal is to have a final tool available for second semester.

How to Use It

How and when should I use this tool? Decisions are made every day in Highline—big and small. We encourage you to try this tool on any decision, process, dilemma or scenario you see fit. Maybe you’re...deciding whether to apply for a grant; debating starting or ending a program or class; thinking about creating split classes; or something else. 

The tool asks 10 questions we encourage you to consider when making a decision. You can write down your answers, brainstorm answers with a colleague or discuss with a group. 

Equity Tool Draft


After you use the tool, please let us know how it worked by completing the feedback form below.