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Discipline Work Group

The Issue

Over the last few years the state has repeatedly changed discipline rules.  At the same time, Highline has been working on improving discipline practices and changing the culture in our schools.  The state rules do not necessarily comport with the direction that Highline has been moving.  This has resulted in confusion and inconsistency among schools and district leadership.

The Proposal

In 2013 Highline convened a discipline work group to evaluate the district’s discipline policy and procedure (3240) in light of the strategic plan goal of eliminating out-of-school suspensions except in cases of student and staff safety.  The 2018 discipline work group is being convened to do the following:

  • Review & understand the state’s discipline rules for the 2019-2020 school year
  • Review & understand the district’s current discipline practices as they relate to the state’s rules
  • Review & understand the district’s data vis a vis discipline (ODRs and suspensions/expulsions)
  • Identify changes to policy and procedure that need to be made to be in compliance with the state’s rules
  • Identify changes to the district’s current discipline practices to stay in compliance
  • Identify areas where we can set consistent practices across schools and those areas where schools can decide (the ‘tight-loose’ of discipline)
  • Identify a communications plan to families and students
  • Identify a communications plan to OSPI if there are areas of concern

The Team

Seeking a diverse representation of staff from elementary, middle and high schools totaling 15-20 people.  Any interested person is welcome to apply—teachers, counselors, re-engagement specialists, deans, APs and others will bring a welcome diversity of perspectives to the group.  Please note—this is a voluntary committee and we are unable to pay extra service contracts.


  • Applications due Friday, October 26
  • Team identified and first homework sets provided by October 31
  • Team meets November—February


November 6

  • Introductions, framing, data, materials, expectations (homework!
  • 4:30-6:30; South Classroom

November 27

  • Wonderings about the state rules and our policy, procedure, and practices—where do we see disconnects?  Are there parts of any that don’t make sense?
  • 4:30-6:30 North Classroom

December 17

  • Our policy & procedure section by section—are we in compliance?  Where do we need to make changes?  What are those changes?
  • 4:30-7:00 North Classroom

January 8

  • Review of revised policy and procedure 3240; do these revisions bring us into compliance?
  • 4:30-7:00 North Classroom

January 22

  • Where can we provide clear guidance to schools; where do schools have flexibility?
  • 4:30-7:00 North Classroom

February 5

  • Final review of policy, procedure, and any other products produced
  • 4:30-6:30 South Classroom

February 26

  • Communications plans for schools, students, and families; celebrate our success!
  • 4:30-6:30 North Classroom


There is a lot of work to do in a relatively short amount of time.  Therefore participants will be asked to commit to attending all of the 7 meetings and to doing prep work (homework!) in advance.  The types of homework that you can expect include:

  • Reviewing the state’s rules on discipline
  • Reviewing current district policy
  • Reviewing discipline data
  • Thinking about and potentially drafting new policy language

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who submitted their name to be on the discipline work group. We have closed the registration form and are reviewing submissions. Email Holly Ferguson if you have any questions.