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Middle School Transition Early Transfer Process

To prepare for the 2019 opening of Glacier Middle School and the transition of sixth grade to middle school, HEA and HPS have agreed upon an early transfer opportunity for staff at any level who would like to transfer to or between middle schools. 

Below you will find a timeline of the steps interested staff must take in order to be considered for an early transfer to middle school.

Middle school principals

Meet our middle school principals: Daniel Calderon (Cascade), Gil Parsons (Sylvester), Vicki Fisher (Glacier), Karin Jones (Chinook), Vaness Banner (Pacific), and Frank Cantwell (CHOICE Academy).

Not pictured: Lisa Escobar (Big Picture) 

Be on the look out for a video feature what each principals says about their leadership style and school culture.

Q&A for Teachers

Two meetings were held in spring 2018 by district staff and Highline Education Association (HEA) staff to provide information for elementary teachers interested in teaching 6th grade in middle school starting in fall 2019.

Who is eligible to teach 6th grade in middle school and how do I become endorsed?

Specific Content Area Endorsement

If you are endorsed in a specific content area, you are eligible to teach at the secondary level, but only in that subject area.

Elementary Education Primary Endorsement

If you are endorsed in Elementary Education Primary, you are not eligible to teach at the secondary level. 

Elementary Education Endorsement is eligible to teach: 
  • Language Arts K-8
  • Reading K-8
  • Science K-8
  • Social Studies K-8
  • Dance 1-8
  • Drama 1-8
  • Drama K-8
  • Music K-8
  • Art K-8
  • Math K-8 (not eligible for high school credit)
Elementary Education Endorsement is NOT eligible to teach: 
  • Math eligible for high school credit (example: Algebra, Geometry and abover)
  • Health/P.E. (test only)
  • Library (program + test)
Adding the Endorsement 
  • Math (test only)
  • Health/P.E. (test only)
  • Library/Media (program + test)
Testing and Endorsement Resources 

Who can teachers contact with questions about eligibility and certification?

Human Resources Contacts

Certification Contact

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

If I'm interested, will there be an opportunity to visit a middle school?

Diana GarciaDirector of Educational Specifications & Transition Planning

Will middle schools receive additional resources to serve the additional students?

Basic education funding follows the student, so schools will receive the per/student allocation for all 6th-grade students.

Transfer Process Calendar


15th - MS Early Transfer Application Opens - Staff receive electronic invitation to apply for MS transfer.

Any HEA member interested in transferring to or between one or more middle schools may complete an electronic transfer request. Transfer requests must be submitted by 12/15.


15th - MS Early Transfer Application Closes


15th - MS Early Transfer Window Closes

Any HEA members who applied are eligible for early MS transfer through 2/15. Transfers are complete if both building administrator and HEA member agree to transfer, prior to 2/15.


Spring Staffing Process In Progress

HR collaborates with building and HEA leadership to identify and notify excess staff of displacement status.  Information collected from displaced staff regarding placement preferences.


HR collaborates with building leadership to place displaced staff. 


1st Spring Transfer Application Opens

HEA members who have not received an early MS transfer for 2019/2020 or a transfer for 2018/2019 may complete an electronic transfer request. Transfer requests must be submitted by 6/30.