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Warehouse Services


To provide fast, accurate and courteous service in order to support a superior learning environment. We are a service-oriented department with courteous, friendly employees that provide delivery services in support of all district departments. We

  • Courier/mail service (books, equipment, testing, school deposits etc.) between all district locations
  • Deliver gym equipment, music equipment, office, custodial and food products to district sites
  • Maintain a warehouse of surplus items for redistribution to support students and new programs
  • Removal of all surplus materials (furniture, books, computer equipment, large recyclable materials etc.) from district sites
  • Provide central receiving for locations that do not have a loading dock or space for large furniture or computer orders
  • Collect and transfer documents to district archive
  • Coordinate and transfer donations to the district
  • Transfer programs and teachers from one district site to another
  • Deliver shared use equipment (folding tables, chairs, art boards, portable stage etc.) to schools for programs and facility use

View our Warehouse Services FAQs to learn more about our department and services. 


All items in surplus are still considered district property and cannot be sold to the public. Surplus that does not meet our redistribution standards is sent to Dept. of GA State Surplus where it can be purchased through their on-line auctions or you can visit their store in Tumwater, WA.

Surplus Sales and Auction Information **LINK PENDING**

Warehouse Services FAQ

What is Warehouse Services?

Simply a 27,000 square foot warehouse containing three separate inventories of products that are used throughout the district. 

Warehouse #410 contains minimal custodial supplies and Warehouse #420 houses commodity products, chemicals and other miscellaneous supplies used in the Nutrition services program. 

We also collect, house and process all surplus materials from district sites for redistribution through our surplus warehouse located in the old Beverly Park site. In addition, we deliver chairs, risers and tables for programs; provide courier service while delivering mail to all sites; ship and receive all Testing materials; and provide central receiving services.

Where is the warehouse?

The main warehouse is located on 2301 S. 200th St. SeaTac. 
Our surplus warehouse is located at the old Beverly Park site at 11427 3rd Ave. So.

How do I contact the warehouse?

You can call us at 206-878-8216 between 7:00 a.m. & 3:30 p.m. or send a fax to 433-2210. We can also be reached at

How do I order a desk?

Ask your custodian to create a work request or you can personally pick out a desk at our surplus warehouse.

How do I surplus a TV?

Ask your custodian to create a work request and have him list the tag number, model number, manufacturer and serial number.

What happens to my portable white board once it’s picked up as surplus?

We will check our wish list for any pending requests for the item; otherwise we place it in “surplus” for viewing and eventually redistribution to another site.

Can I buy my surplus file cabinet instead of sending it to surplus?

No, all items in surplus are still considered district property.  Surplus that does not meet redistribution standards are sent to GA State Surplus where it can be purchased through their website or store located in Tumwater

What is the procedure for exchanging the chair desks in my classroom for round tables and chairs?

Contact your custodians first in the event they have what you need already.  If they don’t then they can create a work request for the furniture exchange.  Moves of this type are generally made during the summer months or during the breaks as time allows.

What kind of items are in surplus?

We’ve seen everything come through the warehouse from paperclips to row boats.  A good rule of thumb is to check with the warehouse before you buy anything.  You may end up saving your school a little money.

How do I know what items are available in surplus?

We are working with Technology Services to create a virtual bulletin board where we can post photos of what’s available in surplus.  The idea would be to update it weekly or bi-weekly with the latest surplus items

What is the “wish list”?

The wish list is for those of you who can afford to wait for an item.  Suppose you are in need a kidney shaped table and we don’t have one available.  You can request to be placed on our wish list which will insure that you get the next table that comes in. 

When can I expect my surplus furniture request?

We try to deliver surplus items within the week they were ordered but it may take longer depending on the time of year.  Our priority work concerns curriculum and food deliveries for the schools.

How do I get my donated items picked up and delivered to my school?

Once a donation has been approved by the Administration you can have your custodian create a work request for the pick up.  We’ll need a contact person and a phone number first then a description of the items and an address where the items are located.

How often do surplus items show up at the warehouse?

We pick up surplus items daily and sometimes weekly.  It really depends on the schools. 

What do I do if a surplus item does not meet my expectations?

Contact your custodian and have them check with the staff.  Someone else may want it.  If not then your custodian can create a work request for a surplus pick up


Jack Kearns
Warehouse Supervisor

Joe Nelson
Warehouse Lead/Dispatch


2301 S 200th
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