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Highline Public Schools
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Substitute Use for PD in 2020-21

We have significant professional learning planned for 2020-21; however, we recognize that due to the current health crisis and the impact on students, the fall will require prioritizing the support of students’ social-emotional and academic progress. Based on this need, here is our plan for September 2020 - December 2020 for all schools and central office:

  • Through December 2020, substitute use will be limited to daily illness or other approved leaves. HEA is also collaborating with our ‘students-first fall’ by holding sub requests until after December 2020.
  • Principals will not be physically pulled from schools. PLNs, monthly P-12 TLL and other requests will be held virtually and will be shortened to support more time in the school and the ability to focus on classroom instruction and the social-emotional needs of students.

The intent is to keep teachers in classrooms (in-person or virtual) and focused on students for the first four months of the school year AND to decrease principals’ time away from school, allowing them to remain focused on instructional leadership and the implementation of intentional tiers of support for our students following a spring where some thrived, but many struggled with distance learning. 

Teaching, Learning and Leadership will continue to support ongoing adult learning, but with the suspension of sub use for professional learning next fall, our approach will shift.  To continue supporting the valuable learning through Capacity Builders, GLAD demos, and many other learning events, we will implement professional learning formats that do not require substitutes, including:

  • after school sessions
  • Saturday sessions
  • asynchronous online courses on Canvas
  • use of video to share practice
  • use of Zoom to bring colleagues together across schools

As we move forward, we will monitor and adjust formats to best support adult learning and student outcomes.  While this plan supports learning and department/grade level planning at a lower level than we would like, it allows us to prioritize our students in the fall during this challenging time.