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Student Connection Conferences

There has been some confusion around 1:1 student connections. Here is information to provide clarity on this Whole Child strategy.

  • Every student should be assigned one adult who checks in with them weekly, one-on-one
  • Check-ins can occur during Zoom calls in a breakout room during class
  • Check-ins can occur during advisory
  • Consider the assigned elementary teacher or the advisory teacher as the assigned adult
  • Other staff can also be assigned to a student​. If that staff person does not report to you, please check with that person's supervisor prior to assigning them to a student
  • Check-in durations can range from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the nature of what comes up during the check-in
  • If something comes up for a student where they need extra supports, the assigned adult should reach out to the counselor, social worker, administrator, or other appropriate school staff members who support student needs
  • Check-ins should be logged

Here is a link to the Whole Child strategies catalogue with details regarding this strategy. 

Please contact Kisa Hendrickson for any questions.