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Staff, Students and Families Weigh in on Learning During the Pandemic

We are grateful for the jump in participation in our spring survey. Over 70% of teachers, 44% of support staff and twice as many students as last fall gave input on their school experiences. 

The survey went live in early April and closed about a week after hybrid learning started for secondary students.

All categories of participants felt better supported by their schools this spring, including about three-quarters of teachers and school support staff. Nearly 80% of students said they get the support for schoolwork they need. 

While nearly all students and families responding to the online survey say they have adequate access to a computer and the internet, more than half of teachers and school leaders are concerned that not all students have access to the technology they need to complete schoolwork. We need to dig deeper into this to find students who are not connected and figure out what they need.

Based on this survey, teachers are doing a good job of connecting with students. Nearly three-quarters of students said they have at least one adult at school they can talk to about how they are doing. Even higher numbers of students said their teachers make them feel like they belong and are doing their best to help them learn. 

On the topic of safety during the pandemic, just over a quarter of parents reported that they are worried about their child getting COVID at school. The vast majority said they trust school and district leaders to make the right decisions to keep students and staff safe.

A majority of teachers reported confidence in the safety measures at school, but 41% said they still worry about getting COVID. Support staff reported a little higher confidence in school safety and less worry about getting sick than teachers. 

Workload continues to be an issue for teachers. Fewer than half of teachers at all grade levels say their workload is sustainable. While 60% say they are getting the personal and professional support they need from their leaders, this will be a focal point for fall planning. We will need to develop more sustainable structures next year as we continue to be impacted by the pandemic. 

You can read a summary of the survey results.

Data from this survey are pointing us to areas we need to pay attention to as we plan for summer school and school in the fall. Thank you to all who contributed to our learning!