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Since Time Immemorial: Fourth-Grade Highlights

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By Bernard Koontz and Sara Marie Ortiz

Washington public schools are required to teach students about the history, culture and government of the nearest federally recognized tribal nations. Here in Highline, we embrace this opportunity and partner with the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe.

Tribal, state, K-12 and higher education partners have collaborated to produce the Since Time Immemorial Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum. This rich resource provides materials to cultivate students' understanding about the history, modern experiences and contributions of sovereign tribal nations in Washington and beyond. Making this part of our students’ academic experience recognizes our responsibility to teach a full and accurate history.

This year, Highline teachers and Native Education leaders collaborated with Muckleshoot tribal representatives to create units to support fourth-grade students studying Westward Expansion and Invasion through reading and writing. Reading History and Bringing History to Life units teach reading and writing through social studies content. The lessons draw on the Since Time Immemorial curriculum. Instruction will begin in February.

For a closer look at the work students will be doing, please visit our Canvas resources.

Please watch for future professional development opportunities on Since Time Immemorial. For questions about this work, please contact Native Education Manager Sara Marie Ortiz.