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New Year Reset with Charter and Classroom Culture

By Deena Russo, Director of Professional Learning 

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As you arrived back from winter vacation refreshed and ready to teach, you might have discovered that your students have forgotten how to be students. After two weeks off, students may not remember how to do some simple classroom procedures and practices--where to turn in homework, how to line up for recess, and when to practice "ask three, then me" before coming to you for an answer.

The break provides an opportunity to do a classroom reset. The first week or two of January is a great time to reteach your classroom procedures, review classroom norms and implement new policies, procedures and practices that will develop a classroom of independent learners. 

As you think about how your students navigate their time with you, whether it’s a whole day or one class period, think about the practices that are vital for student learning and effective classroom management.  Could students explain these to a guest or a new student? How would that student know where to sit, how to turn and talk, or how to play the role of group facilitator?  

This can also be a good time to revisit classroom charters. Are there parts of the charter that are going well and need to be celebrated? Are their parts that need to be revisited? What new goals or resolutions might your class set for their work going into the new year? How can you track and then celebrate the achievement of these goals? 

Below are some resources to help you think about the classroom reset. As always feel free to reach out to the peer mentor team for support.

How to start over In three steps by Michael Linsin

Changing routines and procedures by Angela Watson

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