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Highly Capable Nominations Now Open

By Christie Brown and Jennifer Hefford-Anderson

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This spring we begin looking at data to identify students for highly capable services for the 2019-20 school year. A key part of our identification process is receiving nominations from parents, staff and community members. Nominations are accepted through Friday, March 29.

When thinking about the students you serve and whether they would benefit from highly capable services, there are some general characteristics beyond academic performance to keep in mind…

  • Highly capable students may have specific talents in a single subject or across multiple areas.
  • Students may shy away from areas they perceive as weaker for them because they are not comfortable with “not knowing” or they are afraid of failure.
  • Highly capable children often have asynchronous development, meaning that their social and cognitive development are not in sync.
  • Organization does not come easily for many of us. For people who always seem to be thinking about something else, disorganization may be accentuated.
  • Students are more than just highly capable; they have challenges as well. They may be masking learning needs by working hard in areas. Writing is a frequent concern for students--they may have ideas and things to say but struggle to put it in writing.
  • Challenging or disruptive behaviors are not uncommon. Students may be looking for stimulation if the current work is not engaging, may be unsure how to relate to peers or adults, or may not be comfortable with the disequilibrium that comes with new learning.

We are committed to a highly capable program that represents and benefits the diversity that is such a strength in Highline. Our multi-disciplinary selection committee is working hard to ensure equitable identification of students, particularly from our under-represented groups and schools. Your nominations are a critical component of these efforts.

If you would like to nominate a student, learn more about the identification process, or understand services available for our highly capable learners please visit the highly capable webpage or email our team at

Nominate a student for Highly Capable