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Highline Public Schools
15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW Burien, WA 98166


Here's the (Budget) Plan

How are we balancing the budget for 2019-20? With a combination of budget cuts and some of those acorns we've been saving.

Our state revenue will be down next year due to declining enrollment. By taking strategic cuts--including about $1 million from central office--and drawing down our savings, we were able to keep school-based staffing reductions to a minimum.

Some staff will have to move to new locations due to enrollment shifts, like moving 6th grade to middle school. In the end, though, we actually added 2.8 certificated FTE and lost 12.8 classified and 2.5 administrator FTE.

Why cut any staff if we have money "in the bank"? We expect enrollment to keep shrinking for a few more years. If we don't make some cuts now, they'll be that much deeper in the years to come. 

And, we need to keep some money in reserve for expenses we know we are going to have down the road, like staff compensation. 

The school board is expected to pass the 2019-20 budget at its July 10 meeting.