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Highline Public Schools
15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW Burien, WA 98166


New Curricula Supports Teachers & Students

Our annual staff survey shows almost all staff are familiar with our strategic plan. Most support our bold goals for students. But less than half say they have the resources they need to achieve them.

That's an issue we are committed to addressing.

For the past several years, our focus has been on professional development. We are now turning our focus to strong instructional materials that support standards-based instruction.  

Having high-quality materials means you spend less time searching for resources and more time teaching. Plus, a common set of materials gives us consistency across the system.

We took a significant step forward this spring with the adoption of new curricula for K-8 math and 6-12 social studies.

Our Teaching, Learning and Leadership team is committed to supporting teachers and schools with what we are calling guaranteed and viable curriculum for every grade, program and school.

Here's what we are focusing on:

  • Ensure strong standards-based instructional materials are available to school-based staff working with students (e.g. curriculum adoptions, unit frameworks)
  • Develop systems to support continuous improvement for adults and students (e.g. School Improvement Plan/Annual Action Plan protocols)
  • Collaboratively develop tools to support schools and system improvement (e.g. Instructional Planning Team implementation rubric)
  • Base all decisions on current research and data
  • Support strong instructional and leadership practices (e.g. professional learning, coaching)

There is a role for both schools and central office as we continue to improve how we support students’ learning.

2019-20 Math K-12 and Social Studies 6-12

Central Office Responsibilities School Responsibilities 

Secure core adopted instructional materials

Attend instructional material overviews and just-in-time professional learning
Provide an overview of instructional materials in June and August Collaboratively plan units using the unit planning template (or similar school level tool) based on the unit frameworks that support grade level/course consistency and collective adult learning
Facilitate the development and curation of grade-specific unit frameworks that include:
  • Unit introduction
  • Guiding questions
  • Suggested pacing
  • Learning trajectory
  • Standards
  • Opportunities for cross-curricular connections
  • Assessment opportunities
  • Universal supports
Implement core adopted instructional materials as described in district unit frameworks
Provide tools such as unit planning templates to support team unit planning Agree upon timeline and implement common unit assessment within grade/course at each school to support teacher analysis and identify student strength and need
Schedule and support grade/course level just-in-time professional learning, co-led by teacher leaders throughout the district Provide feedback on the unit frameworks following teaching each unit on successes and challenges to inform ongoing improvement district-wide in addition to any supplemental materials needed to meet student strength and need.
Convene principals for leadership discussions and the sharing of successful implementation strategies, practices and implementation indicators  
Collect input on frameworks and adopted instructional materials following each unit and facilitate updates based on districtwide input  

2019-20 K-12 Language Arts

Central Office Responsibilities School Responsibilities 
Convene the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC - made up of community, central office and school participants) to analyze the landscape analysis (teacher survey on language arts – spring 2019) Ensure full participation of the landscape survey prioritizing time for all teachers of language arts to complete a survey (before June 7)
Convene the IMC to review language arts course of study including landscape analysis and data review Participate in the adoption process including the review of instructional materials and pilot when appropriate (teachers and principals)
Facilitate adoption process OR facilitate framework revisions based on districtwide input