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Employee Assistance Program: Help With Fraud & Other Resources

Did You Know Help is Available?

Many resources are available through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Below are services to help if you experience unemployment fraud, as well as other resources to assist you during the coronavirus pandemic.

ID Theft and Fraud Resolution Services

The EAP Fraud Resolution Program is here to assist you at the first moment of a fraud-related emergency. In the event of an identity theft or a fraud-related event, you have access to a free 60-minute consultation with a fraud resolution specialist who will guide you through seven emergency response activities, and provide the proper documentation and names of agencies to contact. Articles, tips, and forms on identity theft resolution and prevention are also available free on our website. Services include:

  • Free 60-minute telephonic fraud resolution consultation
  • Free ID Theft Emergency Response Kit
  • Assistance in recovering your identity and credit
  • Counseling and advice on ID theft prevention strategies
  • Legal referral if needed (free initial 30-minute consultation and 25% off legal fees)

May Webinar: Identity Theft – What You Can Do About It

First Choice hosts monthly webinars on a multitude of topics. In this month’s webinar, you will learn what identity theft is and how to prevent it. What should you watch out for in your email? What about suspicious text messages? Learn the red flags and know what to do if it happens to you.

Employee Home Ownership Program

Does COVID-19 have you concerned about the real estate market, interest rates, and mortgage loans? As part of your employee benefits, you have exclusive access to your own home ownership benefits advisor who can provide with information about these concerns, as well as money saving opportunities related to refinancing, buying, or selling  home.

Legal Services

The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has left many of us with more questions than answers. Amidst the uncertainty, First Choice Health EAP recognizes sound legal advice as a way to improve your wellbeing and relieve stress. Though this pandemic may be changing the way we live, you have the ability to still take control. Our attorney network remains ready to help you navigate your legal needs during this unprecedented time.

Services include:

  • A free consultation with an attorney regarding your legal matter
  • A 25% discount from the hourly/flat rate fee of the retained attorney

Dedicated online COVID-19 Resource Center

In this special resource section, you'll learn about COVID-19, find resources related to the current spread of the illness, and discover the steps you should take to prepare your family for the daily living challenges that may arise as the virus spreads to your local community. From caring for children in isolation and adjusting to remote work from home to how to find remote employment and properly seek medical attention to treat the illness, these resources will help you take charge of your situation.

Access to Online Legal Forms

Access to 100+ Online Legal Forms; such as will preparation templates, Power of Attorney, and Federal tax forms.

How to Access Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

You can access your EAP 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 800-777-4114 or login online at using the username highlinesd to access all of the resources above.