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Digital Tools Review Process

Our Digital Tool Review Process will continue to remain the same. Please see below for the process, criteria and an FAQ section to help understand how requests are processed.

Review Process

Digital tools that will be used with students are required to have approval from The Digital Tool Review Committee to ensure alignment with:

  • HPS instructional purpose 
  • Federal and state data privacy
  • Data archiving requirements

It is essential that instructional content of tools are aligned to a guaranteed and viable curriculum (GVC). This committee is represented by Technology Services, Communications and Teaching and Learning and meets every two weeks.

Staff that would like to use a digital tool with students should:

  1. Check the list of tools to see if it has been reviewed by the committee. 
  2. If it has not been reviewed, submit a request that it be reviewed. 
  3. Clicking “Request" is not for use of the tool, it is to request that it be reviewed by the committee. Instructions for navigating the system can be found by clicking the Digital Tool icon from Staff Hub.

Once a tool is requested for review, the committee reviews the tool, emails the requester with the final determination, and LearnPlatform is updated with the current status. If a tool is labeled “Pending", the committee is still in the process of reviewing it. Tools are prioritized according to the extent of impact (districtwide, school, or individual), and if a school intends to purchase the tool.

Digital Tool Review Process-FAQ

Why do tools get denied?

The most common reasons tools are denied are:

  • The tool includes ads that may not be appropriate for children. This is often the case for free tools.
  • The tool does not archive data that is necessary for a public records request.
  • The tool does not meet our requirements for data privacy and/or the vendor refuses to sign a WA State Data Privacy Agreement.

Why do some tools take longer to review?

There are many factors that are considered when reviewing a digital tool. Each tool requires a different level of review depending on the type of tool it is. Factors that impact the speed of the process include: 

  • Not enough information in the request. All of the questions in the request are important considerations for the committee.
  • Difficulty getting in contact with the vendor. Some vendors are more accessible than others and their privacy policies are not always detailed online which causes the team to need to do further research. 
  • Number of stakeholders needed to review. If a digital tool covers several content areas, a more extensive review is required to ensure alignment with our GVC.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work on a high volume of requests as the Digital Tool Review Committee is also supporting many other components of Distance Learning 2.0 at this time. You can always refer back to LearnPlatform for status updates and our list of approved, conditional and denied tools.