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CTE Pathways

By Chance Gower

Highline is committed to graduating students prepared for the future they choose. One way to achieve this is enrolling students in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways. A CTE pathway is a sequence of CTE courses within a student’s area of career interest. These pathways are designed to connect middle school classes to high school classes to college courses, industry certifications and/or a career.

Highline promotes and supports CTE by ensuring that all middle and high school programs provide 21st-century academic and technical skills for all students. Students can:

  • Explore careers in middle and high school, especially in high-demand, high-growth fields.
  • Identify a career goal.
  • Develop a High School and Beyond Plan, which identifies the high school and college-level academic and skills-based classes, training programs and apprenticeships that will prepare them for the future they choose.
  • Take classes in high schools, at skills centers and at community and technical colleges that apply math, science and other academic subjects in real-life, hands-on ways
  • Pursue rigorous programs of study that lead to registered apprenticeships, industry certifications and two- and four-year college options.
  • Earn tuition-free college credits as well as high school credits required for graduation. (Participating colleges include Highline, Seattle Central, Renton Technical and Green River.)
  • Become leaders by participating in skills competitions and community service.

New Starting with the Class of 2020 

CTE High School Graduation Sequence Pathway

A student may meet this graduation pathway option by completing a sequence of CTE courses that align with the student’s High School and Beyond Plan. This pathway meets graduation requirements in both English and math. A course that is part of a CTE sequence may also be used to meet subject area graduation requirements in CTE or in other subject areas through CTE course equivalencies.

To meet this pathway, students have two options:

  1. Complete a Core Plus program in:
    • Aerospace
    • Maritime
    • Healthcare
    • Information Technology
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing; 
  2. Complete a two-credit course sequence that meets the following minimum criteria:
    • Leads to a state or nationally recognized certificate or credential, or allows students to earn dual credit through CTE Dual Credit, Advanced Placement, or other agreement or program.
    • Be composed of a sequence of multiple courses that are technically intensive and rigorous.
    • Lead to workforce entry, a state or nationally approved apprenticeship, or postsecondary education in a related field.
    • The sequence of courses may be in a single CTE program area or in more than one program area.

For more information, contact CTE Director Chance Gower at 206-631-3309.