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eFlyer Support (Peachjar)

Peachjar is our our eFlyer management system. Peachjar allows us to distribute eFlyers directly to parents and have them posted to each school's website automatically. Check out eFlyers for your school

Need help uploading an eFlyer to Peachjar? You came to the right place! Use this section of the website to find step-by-step directions on how to post an eFlyer.  

Do you want to post an eFlyer to Peachjar but don't have an account? If you are a school staff member, contact your school office manager who can post an eFlyer for you. If you are an outside organization, check out our eFlyer distribution page.

Need More Help?

Contact Peachjar directly with your questions.

Contact Tiffany Baisch to get an account.

Step-by-Step Directions

How to Sign into Peachjar

  • Go to Peachjar's homepage:
  • Click Login and enter your username and password.
  • Click on My Account in the top right hand corner.

How to Upload a Flyer

  • Under the Flyer Cart heading on the left, click Post a Flyer.
  • Choose the category.
  • Enter the title of your flyer in the Title field.
  • Choose the duration of the posting. Your flyer will be removed automatically after the time period expires.
  • Note: The price is displayed as zero dollars because School and Parent Organizations can post and distribute internally-created flyers for free. Outside organizations seeking to distribute flyers must be directed to Peachjar.
  • You may choose to have your flyer immediately queued for delivery or schedule distribution for a specific date.
  • The contact email address will populate with the email address on your account. This will not appear to the users but will be the email address messages are sent to if a user contacts the poster of this flyer. This may be edited. Your Website URL will be populated if there is one associated on your account; otherwise you are welcome to input one here. Neither fields are required.
  • If you have a specific registration URL for your event or class, you may enter it here. This will create a Sign Up Now button that accompanis your flyer in the emails and on the website. Parents may use this button to link directly to your registration page. If your flyer is for an event that takes place off campus, click the 'Event Location' button to add the address. When this page is complete, click 'Next Step'.
  • Now you are ready to upload your flyer. Peachjar only accepts PDF files for your flyer. Under New File Upload click Select File.
  • Locate the file you wish to upload and click Open. Click the green Upload button to start the upload process. This may take a few seconds. Once the upload finishes, please click Continue
  • If you would like to post another flyer, click Add a Flyer. If you are finished, click Submit Order.
  • Your flyer will be delivered to parents and posted to your school's Peachjar webpage.

How to Reset Your Peachjar Password

  • Click Login. Click Forgot Password. 
  • Enter your Highline email address. 
  • A new password will be sent to you by email.