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eFlyer Support (Peachjar)

Highline Public Schools uses Peachjar to distribute electronic flyers to families through email. Families are automatically signed up for Peachjar if they have an email address identified in our student information system (Synergy).

Schools should only upload their own school or PTA/Booster Club flyers. All other fliers must go through the district communications office. 

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Need help uploading an eFlyer to Peachjar?

You came to the right place! Use this section of the website to find step-by-step directions on how to post an eFlyer.

How to Login to Peachjar

  • Go to Peachjar’s homepage ( 
  • Click Login.
  • Enter your username and password.
    • Your username is your email address. 
    • Select “Forgot Password” if you cannot remember your password.

How to Upload and Send a Flyer

  1. On the left side of the screen, select Send and Post Flyer.
  2. Review the flyer guidelines and ensure that your PDF file complies.

    review flyer guidelines-1

  3. Next, click Upload PDF File, select the file from your computer, and click Continue to Preview. You can also drag and drop your file onto the dropzone. Files must be in PDF format, but you can upload files up to 50 MB in size.

contine to preview

  1. To ensure the content of the flyer will be recognized by screen readers for the visually impaired, the flyer is scanned resulting in a text version. Review carefully to make sure the scanned text description matches the contents of the flyer. (Note: If changes need to be made to the flyer, you can re-upload a new flyer by clicking Reupload PDF.)

    submit a flyer

  2. Once the flyer review is complete, click Continue to Set Flyer Details.
  3. Fill out the required fields on the Set Flyer Details page.
    1. The Flyer Title is limited to 45 characters.
    2. The Min Grade Level and Max Grade Level will only be collected initially and will eventually be used to distribute flyers to appropriate grade levels and prioritize these flyers for families in Peachjar emails.
    3. The Registration Deadline Date (optional) is the deadline for program or event registrations. The flyer is automatically removed 24 hours after the Deadline Date has passed (if there is no End Date)
    4. The Start Date (optional) lets parents know when the program or event starts.
    5. The End Date (optional) lets parents know when the program or event ends and is used to automatically remove the flyer posting 24 hours after the End Date has passed.
    6. The Participation Fee Average (optional) will only be collected initially and will eventually be used to prioritize flyers based on family cost preferences and advanced search.


  1.  Now it's time to add interactive call-to-action buttons to your flyer. You can add Learn More as your primary call-to-action button and one secondary call-to-action button from the options shown. Both are optional.



  1. For the desired audience, select Parents. We do not upload Staff into Peachjar.

Pick audience and schools

  1.  Set the number of distributions for your flyer – this is how many times your flyer will be sent to parents.
    1. Only one distribution is allowed every 30 calendar days.
    2. The number of allowed distributions is limited by the previously entered Registration Deadline Date and End Date. If both dates are entered, the flyer will be removed 24 hours after the entered End Date.
  2. Select an Initial Distribution Date to determine when your flyer will first begin distributing.
    1. There is no limit to the number of distributions as long as the selection doesn’t exceed one distribution every 30 calendar days.The Initial Distribution Date is limited to the number of distributions and the End Date.
    2. The Initial Distribution Date cannot exceed 365 calendar days from the time of submission.


Set distribution


  1. Once you are finished, click Submit.
  2. A flyer summary will show to ensure that all details are correct. 
    1. If something is wrong, you can click Edit Flyer to make changes.
  3. Once the details are correct, click Submit.

    Review Flyer Submission

  4. The flyer has been submitted! Click Done. You’ll be brought back to the Flyer Distribution Overview page.

Want to post an eFlyer to Peachjar but don't have an account? 

  • If you are a school staff member, contact your school office manager who can post an eFlyer for you.
  • If you are an outside organization, check out our eFlyer distribution page.