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Highline Wellness

It is so important to take care of ourselves during this time. When we are our best selves, we can bring our best for our students and families.  

In our weekly staff newsletter, the Highline Insider, we share practices for health and well-being from our Social-Emotional Learning team.

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Coming in January: We invite you to visit the virtual calming room.

The Adult Wellness Team is creating a virtual calming room for  staff. The virtual calming room will be a place to access short exercises in mindfulness, calming and laughter. There will also be resources for understanding and communicating mental health needs to others. 



Happy New Year  and welcome back! We hope each of you had an opportunity to take some much deserved time to rest and rejuvenate. As we embark on 2021, adult wellness will continue to be incredibly important.

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If teachers are not well, how can we expect the students to be well? This question, posed by the Abolitionist Teaching Network, reminds us that our self and community care is an act of resistance and liberation. We are asking you to think about how you might focus on your own well-being over break.

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2020 has been a tough year for all of us. While there is light at the end of the tunnel with the release of vaccines, we aren't there yet. Check out this robust list of resources and strategies from our Highline Wellness Team.

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With the pandemic and other challenging circumstances, you may find yourself increasingly stressed and anxious. This year’s events continue to stretch and fatigue all of us. This is especially true as we face winter. As we prepare for the new year ahead, seize this moment to learn about all the services available to you free in your confidential Employee Assistance Program.

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This week, we pause and acknowledge the grief and loss that many in our community are currently experiencing. Many of us are feeling the effects of multiple types of grief during this time, whether from the loss of a loved one, friend or student; the loss of your traditions; or perhaps the loss of a sense of normalcy.

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While the holidays can be a time for celebration, they can also be a time when we feel alone, disconnected or isolated. With COVID-19 spreading throughout many communities in Highline, you may be feeling additional stress or worry about the health of yourself and others. You may also feel stressed, sad, depressed, or anxious about your holiday plans. But with some practical tips from the Mayo Clinic, you can minimize the feelings that can accompany the holidays.

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