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School Safety Measures

Social Distancing in the Classroom

During hybrid learning, for in-person classes, activities, and events, groups of students stay together with the same teacher throughout the school day (cohort model). Groups do not mix. Students remain at least six feet apart and do not share objects.  This can be accomplished through hybrid/virtual and in-person class structures, or staggered/rotated scheduling to accommodate smaller class sizes. In regards to classroom setup, consider spacing, furniture, and traffic flow.  Individual desks should be six feet apart and facing the same direction.  Individual and single use materials should be designated for each student.

Student Activities - Elementary

During hybrid learning, there will be no shared space with other student groups (recess meals, PE, library). Additional provisions include staggered passing, staggered arrival and staggered dismissal. The school administrator will determine who will monitor designated areas for activities or recess. Students will be escorted to the playground or gym, in a formation allowing for six foot distancing, as much as possible.  School administrators will stagger times for gym and playground activities. Jump ropes and balls will be available to students and will be disinfected every night.

Social Distancing in Hallways

During hybrid learning, traffic will be limited in the hallways by staggered passing times, class schedules, arrival/dismissal times and  other high traffic times. The school administrator will post one-way signage, use tape on the floor to indicate a visual 6-foot boundary, and minimize or eliminate cross-school transfers. Social distancing signs will be posted and will be translated into other languages for the office and front hallway.  An X will be used to indicate where lines may form with 6 -foot spaces.  School administrators will determine entryway capacity and spread the entry and exit of the building apart. Tape used down the center of hallways should be all one color for the entire school.  

Social Distancing in Common Spaces

During distance learning and hybrid learning, staff will practice social distancing in common areas. This includes but is not limited to staff room, work room, use of copiers, restrooms, and office spaces. School leadership will determine the maximum number of staff in areas by the size of the space, following updated guidelines of number of people in a given space (Septmeber 2020, five people). This determination will include physical distancing, limit the number of people, sanitation schedule, and maintaining 6 foot distance. Master schedules should be posted for use of common areas.

Classroom setup

The size of the room will determine the number of students in each classroom during hybrid learning. A classroom of 900 sq. ft. will have a capacity of approximately twelve students and one adult.  Building leadership will configure class size utilizing the recommendations of Capital Planning and Construction team maps provided, which might result in the removal of unused furniture. Student belongings are separated from others’ and placed in labeled containers. Students will have individual supplies and materials. During in-person hybrid instruction, teachers will also designate one-way routes for moving through the classroom. In addition to hallway spaces, an X can be used to mark spaces where students may congregate to designate 6 foot spacing.

Student Arrival and Departure

During hybrid learning, building leadership should communicate to families expectations and staggered arrival times. Routines will be established by the building administrator to designate staff members for supervision, visual cues for travel, enter/exit procedures, and address traffic flows. A staff member (s) will be assigned to safely manage students getting off the bus. A staff member(s) will be identified to manage arrival and departure of walkers at a location separate from bus riders and parent transport. A staff member (s) will be assigned to help manage parent drop offs in an area separate from bus and walkers.