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Highline Public Schools
15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW Burien, WA 98166


Elementary Distance Learning

Instruction for Grades K-5

Please Note: Pre-K is under development

  • Students engage in regular activities as assigned by the classroom teacher, roughly one hour of required learning each day, aligned to critical learning priorities.
    • 2 literacy activities per week
    • 2 math activities per week
    • 1 other activity per week
  • Students demonstrate progress/completion through SeeSaw, primarily through posting photos (or Google Classrooms if used previously.)
  • Teachers communicate with the class as a whole (via group email/messenger, school website) at least weekly AND provide individual feedback/support to each student at least weekly. This could be in the form of phone calls, online platforms and other approved communication tools. 
  • Learning Line will be used as needed for phone calls in addition to translation available in SchoolMessenger (Spanish, Somali and Vietnamese). 
  • In addition to digital learning, students are engaged in authentic reading and writing. This may include online text and books (both fiction and non-fiction) as well as weekly written communication with their teacher.  
  • Teachers encourage and celebrate family-determined learning opportunities in addition to school-directed activities.
  • Instruction is not delivered at a fixed time with everyone on a call at the same time.
  • Printed materials are supplemental only.

Elementary Support Roles

Elementary Distance Learning FAQs