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SEBB Benefits

All existing health plans through Highline Public Schools will end December 31, 2019.

Starting January 1, all Washington State K-12 school employees will begin receiving health insurance and benefits through the statewide School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program. SEBB will replace the health and insurance benefits Highline Public Schools currently provides.

Open Enrollment October 10- November 15

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for employee benefits is October 1 - November 15, 2019. Coverage through the Statewide Employee Benefits Board (SEBB) will begin on January 1. 

New employees have 31 days from their hire to date to enroll in SEBB benefits or waive coverage.

Online Portal

Enrollment is done through the SEBB My Account online portal. Use the portal to enroll in coverage, verify your dependents, state tobacco usage, view your coverage choices, make changes during open enrollment or waive coverage.

SEBB My Account

Staff Impacts

If you do not want SEBB medical coverage, you must waive coverage through SEBB My Account or you will be charged a $33 monthly premium. 

You also must state whether or not you use tobacco through SEBB My Account. If you do not take action, you will be charged a $25 monthly tobacco premium surcharge.

cover of the school employee initial enrollment guide for 2020

School Employee Initial Enrollment Guide

This guide provides eligibility and enrollment information. Packets will arrive to employees by mail (late September). Additional copies are available at Central Office. 

SEBB Enrollment Guide

Enrolling in New Benefits

Benefit Plans

Below is a summary of similarities and differences of benefit offerings, program eligibility and how health insurance will be funded.

As with your current plans, the monthly premium costs for SEBB medical plans will be based on the plan you choose. Vision, life, long-term disability and dental will be covered 100% through Highline Public Schools.

Premiums and final health plan options are available on the SEBB website.

What Makes SEBB So Different From What We Have Now?

Beyond coverage, there are three significant differences to be aware of when we switch to SEBB. Here are three commonly asked questions that address these differences. 

Frequently Asked Questions